Saturday, May 22nd, 2021, 7:30PM

Pittsburgh Musical Theater's West End Canopy

Director Brady Patsy
Dramaturg Joe York
Supervisor Hank Fodor
Technical Director Kevin Kocher


Stage Manager Amara Comans
Assistant Director Casey Stahl
Choreographer Amethyst Bradshaw-Waters
Assistant Choreographer Ella-Jo Reinhart
Front of House / Marketing Liam Allen
Set Designer Citrus Wright
Set Designer Emma Foremsky
Props Designer Leo Hoglund-McGuirk
Props Designer Abigail Clark
Costume Designer Haley Sellman
Sound Designer Chloe Cramer

WELCOME to Pittsburgh Musical Theater's open air, outdoor venue - The West End Canopy!

Please enjoy!

Colleen Doyno

Colleen Doyno
Executive Artistic Director
Pittsburgh Musical Theater


When we started the process of developing You’re the Worst!, we had no idea what we were doing. We were 14 and 16 and had been composing for just over a year. With only a few songs and a rough story concept, we told Mr. Joe that we needed his help to get a show produced at PMT. Miraculously, he agreed. Mr. Joe helped us transform our concept into a full-fledged musical, and then secured the backing of our second key cheerleader, Mr. Brady.

After the first read-through of our show — where Mr. Chad gave an Oscar-worthy performance as Rita the Diner Waitress — Mr. Brady told us that he “wasn’t expecting this to be very good” and that he was “pleasantly surprised.” High praise! In all seriousness, Mr. Brady got behind our show and never took his foot off of the pedal. He advocated for us with Ms. Colleen and everyone in the PMT office. After the show got approved to be performed in the Spring of 2020, we received a deadline for the libretto, the score, and the orchestrations. We met the January 4, 2020 deadline and the rehearsal process began. And then, COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, the show was put on hold the day after it was announced.

Flash forward a year. We got on a Zoom call with Brady and Joe where they delivered the news: PMT was getting ready to put up You’re the Worst! via the TPIP Program.

A couple of weeks later, we walked out of our pandemic isolation and into our first rehearsal filled with screaming theater kids and seriously underpaid adults. It was electric. All because Mr. Joe believed in us. Because Mr. Brady vouched for us. Because Mr. Adam was scream-singing our harmonies at innocent children. (Just kidding, Mr. Adam.)

Finally, thanks to Mom and Dad, who stood by us through the highs and lows. To Scott Simons: thanks for teaching us how to write songs and NOTHING else. To Joe York: thanks for championing this show from start to finish. To Brady Patsy: thanks for bringing the show to life. To Ms. Colleen, the PMT faculty and staff, and everyone involved in the TPIP and technical programs: thanks for everything. And to you, the audience, thanks for being here for this moment.

Finally, we want to dedicate this performance to our good friend, Molly Oldham. The closing number, Shine, was written in her honor. We love you, Molls.

Gideon Temple and Hank Temple, May 2021


Kristen Molly Virtue
Brent Brady Opel
Eugene Lillian McDermott
Rita Natalie Phillips
Jack Robin Clement
Zoey Maya Perilman
Ensemble Anna White
Ensemble / Dog Ilyssa Bails
Ensemble Elana Padnos
Ensemble Andi Trageser
Rita Anna White
Eugene Casey Stahl


"Hit the Road" Zoey, Brent, Kristen, Jack, Ensemble
"Goin' Away" Jack, Brent, Kristen, Zoey, Ensemble
"You're the Worst!" Jack, Zoey, Kristen, Ensemble
"Kiss of Death" Brent, Kristen
"The Long Haul" Eugene, Dog, Ensemble
"River Altercation" Zoey, Kristen, Jack, Brent
"Baby, I'm a Star" Rita, Ensemble
"You're the Worst!" (Reprise) Chef, Ensemble
"Accident Mash-Up" Jack, Zoey, Brent, Kristen, Ensemble
"This Little While" Jack, Zoey
"Shine" Zoey, Jack, Kristen, Brent, Rita, Eugene, Ensemble


The Temple Brothers couldn’t be more excited for the world premiere of their first original musical! Gideon, 18, and Hank, 16, have been studying composition with Los Angeles-based songwriter Scott Simons since 2018. Their second musical (co-written with their parents), Star Machine, was recently selected as a semifinalist in the O’Neill National Music Theater Conference. Last summer, they were chosen to compose a song for Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera’s original musical, Jagoff. The brothers are avid pop-songwriters, having released their first single, “Hey, Miss Connection,” on all streaming platforms earlier this year. This fall, Gideon will be attending Baldwin Wallace University’s Conservatory of Music as a music theater direction major. Hank will be attending PMT’s Pre-College Program.

Enjoy the show!




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