We're doing more to keep you healthy.


We're doing more each day, for everyone

We have taken enhanced health and safety measures at Pittsburgh Musical Theater - for our students, resident artists, patrons and staff. You must follow all instructions regarding drop-off and pick-up procedures as well as posted instructions while at the PMT Studios for classes and performances.


  • Healthy habits: Increased emphasis on handwashing and sanitizing to create a "culture" of cleanliness
  • Ample supply: New soap dispensers in all restrooms
  • Sanitizing stations: New hand sanitizer dispensers outside each studio & other common areas

  • NEW open air environment: Introduction of PMT's brand new outdoor venue, The West End Canopy
  • Stay in Your Spotlight! Social distancing floor markers added to high traffic areas
  • Chair and place spacing: Action taken to promote social distancing in the West End Canopy, classrooms, and common areas

  • Mandatory masks: Patrons must wear masks at all performances
  • Mandatory masks: Masks are to be worn at all times* during class and/or rehearsal by students, PMT Staff and Resident Artists
  • *Please view our Full Health & Safety Plan below for more

  • Accountability: Implementation of daily cleaning logs / checklists for each room
  • High touch areas: Frequent cleaning of all door knobs, handrails, ballet bars, light switches, etc.
  • Exemplary cleaners: All cleaning products used meet EPA & CDC guidelines for disinfecting against COVID-19 and other common bacteria and viral illnesses

  • Healthy reminders: Informative & friendly signage now everywhere throughout our building
  • Stay aware: Keep our students, staff, and patrons informed of safe practices and behaviors

  • Increased fresh-air movement: All rooms are efficiently ventilated and cleaned prior to daily use
  • Elimination of pollutants: Brand new filters in our HVAC systems
  • Optimal air circulation: All studios have new, added ventilation to increase air flow
  • Germ killing lights: New UVC germicidal irradiation technology now in use throughout our building

We Are Trained & Prepared

  • New, enhanced training: All PMT Staff and Resident Artists have attended COVID-19 Procedures and Actions Plans training
  • Heightened awareness: All PMT Staff and Resident Artists trained to recognize signs and symptoms, as well as trained on proper cleaning techniques and standards
  • Eliminating the "What if's": Back up staffing plan created

  • Ready: We've given our full attention and dedication to creating an efficient, detailed outline schedule for each day including cleaning practices, scheduling, and communications
  • The next steps: Action plan in place for what to do if someone gets sick

  • Seating: Outdoor seating under the West End Canopy will be adjusted accordingly for each event to enable appropriate social distancing
  • Smooth flow: Specified entryways and exists
  • Space: Common areas have tables and chairs spaced for social distancing
  • Staggered scheduling: Student class schedule rotations prevent groups from crossing in hallways

  • Digital check in: Sign in to classes and/or rehearsal is entirely contactless
  • Temperature checks: Contactless temperature screenings required for entry to the building - this includes all events, performances, an classes
  • Efficient, electronic communications: Communications between PMT Staff / Resident Artists and parents throughout the day conducted via smartphone app