Please fill our the form below to register for classes. Registration for the Summer 2017 Semseter is now online.

To fully register for PMT classes, a deposit of 20% and an approved payment plan is required. If you choose to pay the deposit online, someone from PMT will contact you to set up a payment plan. Payment in full is also offered online, or, if you prefer, you may just submit the classes you'd like to register for, and call us to arrange payment.

Please also note that the early registration discount is only offered for those paying in full. If you'd like to pay in full before the end of early registration period, please contact us so that we can be sure to apply your discount. This discount will not be honored for those failing to pay off their balances prior to the end of the early registration period.

Accessibility Statement for the Richard E. Rauh Conservatory

Pittsburgh Musical Theater is a musical theater training program for children of school age (4-19). We are committed to providing quality training in an inclusive and welcoming environment. We have limited access for students with developmental and/or physical disabilities, and request advance notification prior to registration to make sure we can accommodate all requests if we are for any reason unable to meet your needs we can recommend programs that may be able to support your request. For more information on our programs and accessible services please contact us at 412.539.0900.

Want to make a payment only?

We are now happy to accept payments for tuition on our Payment Page.

  • Enter the student's full name.
  • Enter the student's Date of Birth.
  • For multiple students, we take 10% off your total tutition. Discounts do not stack.
  • Enter the parent's / gaurdian's full name.
  • Enter the student's mailing address.
  • Enter the student's city.
  • Enter the student's state.
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  • Enter the parent's / gaurdian's phone number.
  • Enter the parent's / gaurdian's email address. Used to send confirmation and reciept.
  • Enter any special instructions.
  • I Agree Once tuition has been paid, it is non-refundable. We will be happy to hold a credit for up to one calendar year and will apply your unused tuition to future classes