We Have More Stories To Tell


Pittsburgh Musical Theater is built on stories. For 30 years, we've been telling stories on stage. But behind the scenes, thousands of stories have been written at PMT.

Our PMT Story: A Beautiful Day in the West End Neighborhood

PMT has called the West End Village home since 2000. We are an organization that is deeply committed to our community and values community partnerships. We are the largest business and generator of economic activity in the West End Village. Between our performances, events and educational opportunities, PMT draws more than 12,000 people to the West End each year! Neighboring businesses report that our patrons generate a 25-30% increase in sales during our high activity periods and 10-15% increases during Super Saturday when classes are in session. We are committed to bringing high-quality programming to the residents of our community at a free or affordable price and do so through our community outreach performances including Tales and Treats, Dancing in the Streets and Broadway at the Overlook, and our professional and student productions that take place in the Gargaro Theater.

Writing the Next Chapter

There are so many PMT Stories yet to be written. With your support, we look forward to sharing them with you for years to come.

PMT Students

A PMT story is making a new friend, finding your voice, or discovering your second home.

PMT Artists

A PMT story is seizing an opportunity, being a mentor, or collaborating with friends new and old.

PMT Patrons

A PMT story is a creating a family memory, experiencing a favorite musical, or relishing the thrill of a live orchestra.

The PMT Stories campaign directly supports The PMT Fund.

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