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PMT's Capital Campaign

Imagine a student-centric performing arts center in the West End Village and help make that dream a reality.

Inspired by the vision of providing a welcoming and inclusive home for professional-level musical theater instruction and performance, Pittsburgh Musical Theater and the Richard E. Rauh Conservatory have been an anchor for the West End Village for more than 10 years.

Transforming the James Centre for our students and our community is the commitment to sharing the joy of musical theater with everyone regardless of age, ability, cultural background, or financial circumstance.

In 2010, PMT initiated a three-phase purchase and renovation plan to transform the James Centre from adequate to a modern, one-of-a-kind arts education center. This vision will reach and inspire more students and adults by providing access to the best of the world's musical theater education and performance.

Dramatic improvement is ahead. With the acquisition ands stabilization of the building completed, this former elementary school will soon feature new, expanded classrooms, and intimate theater for student and community use, and street spacing that will enable it to become the gateway to the West End Village for generations to come.

Phase Two is on the horizon. With your help, this world class performing arts school and center will soon have the environment that matches the music already inside.

Phase Two

  • Create enhanced teaching, learning, and performance spaces for students, faculty, and parents
  • Enhance the functionality of the Gargaro Theater, a unique, multi-purpose performance space
  • Create a unique and recognizable exterior that adds to the functionality of the building while preserving the historic elements of the original structure
  • Improve the building and theater entrance by opening the lobby and creating a lounge and reception area immediately adjacent to the entry
  • Provide comfortable, light-filled interior and exterior spaces for events, gatherings, patron and student connections, helping to realize the potential of PMT to build community through the performing arts.

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Pittsburgh Musical Theater is happy to accept your online donations - Please make sure to denote that you wish to donate to our capital campaign

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Thank You

Without your help, and the help of our generous foundations, PMT would not be in the wonderful position we are today. PMT would like to take a moment to thank the generosity of the following:

Foundation and Corporate Support


  • Alexa Glover Alarcon
  • Karen Andrasko
  • Adrian Baidoo
  • Bernie Balbot
  • Eugene & Andrea Bartolotta, Jr.
  • Cheryl Begandy
  • In Honor of Board President Cheryl Begandy
  • Thomas & Nora Begandy
  • Daine L. Berman
  • Mary Gail Biebel
  • Sandra Blaser
  • Nickia Booker
  • Emily Lynne Brooks
  • Anthony E. Buba & Janice McMannis
  • James S. Bulleri
  • Colleen & Gary Burchfield
  • Linda & Jim Bytnar
  • Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cameie
  • Alex Carmine
  • Rich Cefalo
  • Michelle Coben
  • Kathleen E. Connolly
  • Aaron L. Cook
  • Chad Correll
  • Karen & Buster Criscella
  • Raymond W. Cygrymus
  • Christian Delcroix
  • Christopher Dimond
  • Emily J. Dimond
  • Earl A. Evans
  • Leo A. Evans
  • Leslie Evans & Greg Zamule
  • Sarah A. Evans
  • Glenn R. & Michelle Farrell
  • Timothy M. Federle
  • Ruth & Donald F. Ficco
  • Nancy Fitzgerald
  • Lita Fuze
  • Dee Gano
  • Annmarie Ganovsky
  • Ken & Jane Gargaro
  • Vincent & Linda Gargaro
  • Nicholas J. Gigante
  • Christine Glover
  • Deanna Glover
  • Allison Goldman
  • Katy Grant
  • Ross Nathan Greenberg
  • Allison R. Hannon
  • Karen Hannon
  • Pat Hargest
  • Tim Hartman
  • Lara Hayhurst & Trey Compton
  • June G. Henry
  • Stacey Higgins
  • Rachael Houser
  • Sean Hughes
  • Sue & David Jamison
  • Nina M. Kahn
  • Caroline Kaiser
  • Michael & Alicia Klein
  • Cheryl Kuberlick, Kevin & Olivia McCann
  • Amy S. Kuhlman
  • Mary Eileen Lamb
  • Karen Landrasko
  • Rachel C. Leslie
  • William J. Lewis
  • Jennifer Leigh Machen
  • Kayla Knapp Magee
  • Angie & Sam Maher
  • Andy Maletta
  • Wendy Maletta
  • Lori Marinacci
  • Henry M. Marton
  • Ruthann Matsch
  • Emily A. McGill
  • Paul & Shari McGill
  • Jason Mendel
  • Joseph F. Mendel
  • Christy Ming-Trent
  • Christopher A. Moyer
  • Daniel T. Murphy
  • Caroline Nicolian
  • John M. Noble
  • The Ortiz Family
  • Lindsay Pascuzzi
  • Danielle Perelman
  • Susie & Gregg Perelman
  • Ernie Pontiere
  • Ashley Reichl
  • Dorothy & Nicholas Rescher
  • Dick & Karen Roberts
  • Christopher Saunders
  • The Schmidtetter Family
  • Christopher Schram
  • Connie Schwartz- Bedo
  • Summer Shirey
  • Daniel Siford
  • Bruce & Martha Smith
  • Peter M. Smith
  • Ronald A. Sugar
  • Kathryn Terza
  • Karla Tobias
  • David M. Toole
  • Emma Traubert
  • Mark R. Turner
  • Sherri & Mick Uram
  • Treshea N. Wade
  • Alysha Watson
  • Hannah Jo Weisberg
  • Edward S. Weisberg
  • Liberty Weyandt
  • Logan J. Williams
  • Valerie L. Williams
  • Melanie Wolf-Greenberg
  • Jane Yahr
  • Stephen L. Yoset
  • Lauren Zapko