Give Big Pittsburgh 2021


Tuesday, November 30th

At PMT, we are proud to be a community of Superstars. We love seeing our students and artists shine on the stage. But our mission compels us to expand what it means to be a Superstar.

Our PMT Superstars practice a skill set developed through arts education that includes the transferable life skills of empathy, generosity, collaboration, and confidence to make a difference in the world. Our training philosophy and programs emphasize these values beyond musical theater.

PMT Superstars often excel in the arts. More often, we find them confidently embracing who they are at school, organizing community initiatives to elevate the voices of the marginalized, leading others through passionate yet caring communication, and practicing unconditional acceptance and respect.
Our students, alumni, artists, and community are a meaningful extension of our vision: a diverse and inclusive society of creative individuals who are inspired and ready to positively impact our world. In another word: Superstars.
Being a PMT Superstar is personal and universal.

Through creativity, community, mentorship, and leadership, our Superstars excel on stage, and in life. They make a difference for others, through their art and through the skills and values they bring to everything they do.

Your generosity fuels our mission to nurture the inner Superstar in all of us. When you support PMT this Giving Tuesday, your gift will help to fund the learning resources, financial aid, resident artists, spaces, and places that make our work possible. We are so grateful for your partnership.

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