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GiveBig Pittsburgh 2020

Ready for friendship, together.

Forever Friends are at the heart of PMT. Bringing our students back to the PMT studios safely has been a top priority. The opportunity to engage together, in person, gives our students a critical outlet, especially when so much is taking place online. Despite wearing masks and physical distancing, our students love being together at PMT.

Ready for evolving, together.

Our students have always been the heart of Pittsburgh Musical Theater. PMT students like Lillian are new challenges and seeing them as opportunities to learn and grow. Classes may look different, and our theater may be temporarily quieter, but our heart - our Conservatory - is beating louder and stronger than ever.

Ready for adapting, together.

We created an entire COVID safety protocol to ensure that PMT is a safe and healthy environment and that we’re accommodating all of our students and families. As circumstances change, we’re flexible and prepared to offer masked, physically-distant classes in person, or to engage students from their homes with our “Zoom to Room” option. These creative changes and adaptations allow students like Ariel to continue growing in their training and engaging with PMT instructors and classmates through this period of uncertainty.

Ready for learning, together.

PMT's conservatory now offers a Technical Theater curriculum, one of the only education programs of its kind in our region. PMT Associate Technical Director Kevin Kocher developed the program to engage students in the “behind the scenes” art of making theater happen, while developing STEAM skills that blend science and math with creativity and communication. Despite COVID, PMT continues to innovate and grow in response to our students’ interests.

Ready for helping, together.

As a building owner, PMT is fortunate to have full control of our classroom, theater and studio space. We’re committed to helping other theater producers and artists by sharing our space. PMT Alumna and Boston Conservatory Musical Theater student Mia Schmidtetter now participates in her virtual classes from the PMT studios 4 days a week.

Ready for gratitude, together.

The GiveBig Pittsburgh campaign directly supports The PMT Fund.

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