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Student Ambassadors

The PMT Superstar Squad is our touring performance group comprised of our talented teen students of PMT Conservatory at Pittsburgh Musical Theater. These student performers are the ambassadors for PMT in the community.

The purpose and mission of The PMT Superstar Squad is to promote Pittsburgh Musical Theater’s many exciting programs by bringing quality live performances to neighborhoods throughout the Pittsburgh region. Our goal is to promote positivity, diversity, and inclusion to young people of all backgrounds through exciting musical theater and popular music favorites that are sure to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Superstar Squad performances are approximately 20 minutes in length and bring excitement and energy to community days, corporate gatherings, and other public events. The PMT Superstar Squad also offers an exciting and festive holiday performance each season. If you are interested in performing with The Superstar Squad, learn more about our education programs here.

Special thanks to Ink Division for sponsoring the 2023 PMT Superstar Squad!

Upcoming Gigs

Booking Information

The PMT Superstar Squad does a limited number of engagements per year. If you would like our talented troupe to perform at your event, please contact us: