Required Clearances

For Instructors, Interns, and Production Staff

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), anyone working with or observing children in public and private schools, IUs, and vocational-technical schools are required to provide proof of the following clearances:

Each pre-service teacher, supervisor, or researcher working in a school must obtain:

Plan to obtain your clearances at least 2 months prior to needing them for clinical or work experiences. You should **always** retain the original clearances and provide **copies** to any school in which you are working.

Obtaining the Federal Criminal History Record

Fee: $38.00

Further details regarding fingerprinting can be found on the Cogent Systems web site or the Pennsylvania Department of Education web site

NOTE: The Regulation allows an applicant to enter into a school for a single period not to exceed 90 days, except during a lawful strike, provided that all the following conditions are met:

Obtaining the Pennsylvania State Criminal Record Check

Fee: $8.00



Obtaining the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Fee: $10.00